Integrated Genotype and Phenotype Test

The First Integrated Genotype and Phenotype Test in Korea

MYGENPLAN® is the first integrated test in Korea which analyzes personal genetic risk and current health status at once and suggests personalized health guide.


  • Tracking changes in health status every year

  • Objectified figures

  • Easy Explanation, Personalized, Scientific Evaluation, and Aftercare Service

What is metabolic syndrome?
Metabolic syndrome is defined as a case in which there are three or more important risk factors for cardiac and cerebrovascular disease due to chronic metabolic disorders caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

Why do we need to care of metabolic syndrome? - More than 2 out of 30,000 people in Korea need to manage metabolic syndrome
- Approximately 10 million people are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome yearly in Korea
- Medical expenses of 4.2 billion dollars yearly in Korea
- Only one metabolic syndrome disease increases the risk of heart disease 5 times
- Three or more metabolic syndrome increases the risk of heart disease 36 times

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