What is DNA App?

DNA App is the application to interpret analyzed personal genetic information for the purpose.
By using DNA App, everyone can easily interpret their genetic information and understand genetic characteristics, health status and the risk of diseases.

DNA App Provider



MIT Technology Review selected DNA App Store as one of ‘10 Breakthrough Technologies 2016’. As new area of future industry, DNA App Store is the gene-based sharing economy platform to safely manage genetic information and to use the information through various application.

EDGC developed DNA App for the first time in the world, and EDGC leads the popularization of genomic industry so that genes would be much closer to the life.

  • Genetic Information in Your Hands

    Purchase a genetic analysis kit at gene2me® and analyze about 7 hundred thousands genes.

  • Just a Few Clicks

    Link analyzed gene2me® data with mygenomebox or upload WGS(Whole Genome Sequencing) data easily. (You can also upload DragonGeneBox, 23andme, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA data or VCF Files)

  • Easy Use, Strong Security

    We protect both personal and genetic information securely by coding them.

  • Whenever, Wherever

    Understand genetic characteristics and predict health in the future by using DNA App.

  • Healthier Life Style

    Understand genes and plan personalized lifestyle for the era of healthy 100-year life.

  • Do you have genetic data?

    Explore DNA App at mygenomebox right now.
    There are about 100 DNA Apps related to Exercise/Diet, Personality, Ancestry, characteristic, and Health.

  • Do not have any genetic data yet?

    Easily analyze genes with gene2me® at home right now.
    It is available to use DNA App by linking analyzed data with mygenomebox.

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