DNA Lineage Test

About YouWho

First One in Asia ∙ Exclusive DNA Lineage Test Service In Korea

‘YouWho' analyzes the individuals ethnic-specific mixture through genetic analysis

as the only company in Korea that can perform gene lineage analysis service.​


  • From researcher genome data
    decoding to consumer data usage

  • Expected $2.5 billion growths globally
    ​ of personal genome market in 2024

  • Number of U.S Citizens who had undergone DNA Ancestry/Lineage analysis, exceeded 26 million in 2019

- Analyzes racial distribution of 6 continents, 22 ethnicities and 95 countries​
- Constructed genetic classification system for distinctive Korean lineage called 7M12W
- The outcome of 700,000 core genetic data found in 3 billion pairs through DNA sequencing

Stories bigger than the world we live in.​

The story of "YOU" starts way further back​
than you could ever imagine.​
Find out the hidden corners of "you" simply​
by listening to the story your genes tell.

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