EDGC Annotator

EDGC 구성원들은 목표 의식을 가지고 끈기 있는 도전과 상호 간의 협력을
실천하여 개인과 조직의 공동 성장을 추구합니다

What is EDGC Annotator?

EDGC Annotator is the first application in Korea that annotates functional genetic variants of human genome.

EDGC Annotator, developed by EDGC which is the first sequencing partner of Illumina in Korea, is a program that makes it easy for everyone to analyze data and is available for free at BaseSpace Appstore.

Information includes allele frequency data, clinical knowledge and insights using ClinVar, OMIM, COSMIC, 1000 Genomes Project allele frequencies, dbSNP and VEP(Variant Effect Predictor) database.

BI Pipeline

EDGC Annotator Workflow

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