Telomere Length Measurement


Analysis of telomere length and a biological telomere
age to know cellular health and aging status.

TELOMERE® suggests personal genetic risk of diseases and personalized nutrition guide by analyzing current status of telomere


  • Track changes in telomere status every year

  • Measure absolute length of telomere with a cutting-edge technology

  • Suggest personalized guide to fitness and nutrition for telomere care

What is telomere?
Telomere is a cap-shaped substance at the end of each strand of DNA. Telomere protects our cells aging and affects how our cells age. This is shortened as we age. The longer telomere represents that the better health care and anti-aging are done.

Why do we need to care of Telomere? Telomere gets shorter as a cell copies itself but also lifestyle factors like nutrition, stress, physical activity. Telomere shortening causes damage to cells and regeneration capabilities, stop metabolic functioning properly. Thus regular telomere check is needed to maintain healthy lifestyle and prevent aging.

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