The management of EDGC leads the company which creates healthier tomorrow.


Growing Company

EDGC has made biotech changing the future through innovative technology and constant research and development.

Chief Executive Officer

Min Seob Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Seong Ha Lee

Co-Chief Executive OfficerMin Seob Lee

Ph.D Min-Seob Lee, as the Founder and Chairman of Diagnomics, Inc. located in San Diego, USA, currently serves as co-CEO of EDGC.

Ph.D Min-Seob Lee, a global leader in genome research, diagnostic medicine and customized medicine, has a long history of research in the life sciences industry, including biotech companies and diagnostic medical companies. In particular, he is recognized for his expertise in the fields of genomics, pharmacogenomics, bioinformatics, and diagnostic development.

He conducted his post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School(Harvard-BIDMC Genomics Center) and joined Genaissance Pharmaceutical, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company based on genomics and bioinformatics. He had participated in managing genome sequencing and genome analysis. Since then, he has joined Sequenom Inc., which provides genomics and genetic analysis solutions to the genome research and molecular diagnostic markets, and has made a significant contribution to the launch of the world's first NIPT.

He established Diagnomics, Inc. in 2011, and he founded EDGC, the US-Korea joint venture company, in May 2013.

Ph.D Min-Seob Lee holds outstanding research skills in the areas of genomics and molecular diagnostics, and possesses international patents in various countries including the United States.

Chief Operating OfficerSeong Ha Lee

COO Seong-Ha Lee is a graduate of Chung-Ang University Economics Department and has an extensive work experience as he served as the general manager and Head of Samsung UK construction after joining Samsung C&T

Mr.Lee, as the Head of Samsung C&T’s finance department, has managed the largest network of financial institutions in the department and has maintained a successful credit line. For the company, He further has experience in investment financing and operations, conducting project financing in both domestic and foreign while firmly managing various financial transaction lines.

Since then, Mr.Lee, with his board understanding of corporate management, has been in charge of the overall management of the Business strategy & planning division, personnel management division and the risk management division.

As the present COO of EDGC, Mr. Seong-Ha Lee has been driving the EDGC towards its continual and successful growth, leading to be one of the best bio-informatics company in both korea and globally.

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