Business Culture

EDGC pursues the growth of both individuals and organizations,
challenging constantly and cooperating each other.

Business Culture


Regard trust and principle in the relationship with customers as important, verify various risk in their side, and draw the best solutions


Pursue health and happiness through constant development, and develop with our society together


Create new value we never had before, build a virtuous cycle of sustainable value, and continue to exist and develop

The vision of EDGC is

to contribute to the development of personalized genome analysis technology for the humanity who desire healthier life.

Research & Development

Provide accurate genome information through constant research and development

Global NGS Company

As the Global NGS Company based on the genetic information, EDGC improves the era of personalized genetic information.

Preventative Medicine

Lead preventive medicine to improve the quality of life through genomic information analysis

We believe that all the people can live healthy and happy life.


What we do now is to make the people healthier tomorrow.


All the staffs of EDGC are active and enjoy working. We believe that we grow with the company and the more the company grows, the healthier the people are.


A Healthy lifestyle can make us happy in the future. For this, prevention is more important than treatment. We set the goal for even one more person to live a healthy and happy life.

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