EDGC provides the value of healthy life through genetic information analysis.

Global NGS Company

The fourth industrial revolution has already started. EDGC is at the center of the revolution beginning to disappear a border between industries as technologies converge.

Establishment Year 2013

The Number of Employees 62

EONE-Diagnomics Genome Center

Company Name

Genome Research and Development

Business Type

Genomic Test, R&D, IT, Software

Business Content

Small and Medium Sized Company, KOSDAQ-Listed Company

Company Form

EDGC is the international joint venture established in 2013 between EONE Laboratories and Diagnomics. EDGC has developed leading-edge technology for genome analysis through constant research and development and has established business network to expand its influence to the global market.

These help that EDGC diagnoses various diseases over the entire life cycle and provides clinical solution for precision medicine and personalized medicine. Also, EDGC has acquired international and domestic certificates to provide reliable services to customers.

Furthermore, as the global leader of genome business, EDGC has worked on global projects with the most influential BT and IT companies in the world such as Illumina and Microsoft. Especially, EDGC has participated in the only Asian partner of Global Screening Array Consortium which 12 global leading companies participate in.

EDGC has enhanced its competitiveness through the business expansion: genetic testing to diagnose, predict and prevent diseases over the entire life cycle, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), DNA Application development, lead in the era of personal genetic information and so on.

EDGC has applied each genetic characterization for personalized lifestyle and has established business ecosystem based on genome analysis.

Finally, EDGC will become the company creating healthy and happy life and better future for the people.

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