First quarter surplus in just eight years. After merging affiliates in…

Date : 20-08-14 15:25 Number of views : 1,651

First quarter surplus in just eight years. After merging affiliates in the second half of the year, the company will begin to improve its performance. 

Global genetic company Iwon DIAGNOMIX Co., Ltd. (EDGC) announced on the 14th that it had turned into a surplus for the first time in eight years since its foundation. EDGC said that the performance improvement will be more in full swing in the second half of the year when the merger with EDGC Healthcare is completed.


Based on the world's best Cell-free DNA innovation technology, EDGC is upgrading liquid biopsy such as early cancer screening and co-diagnosis, and provides next-generation sequencing NGS analysis-based fetuses, next-generation world-class products that check the health of newborn babies, Nice, Bevezine, and Genetic Disease Prediction tests in 20 countries. Recently, it announced that it will contribute to realizing national precision medical services based on genetic big data by forming "K-DNA 5 Consortium" that represents genetic companies in national bio-big data construction projects.


Meanwhile, EDGC newly appointed Lee Myung-hee, CEO of its subsidiary EDGC Healthcare, as co-representative of Solgent and announced that it will maximize strategic cooperation and synergy between EDGC and Solgent under the system of co-representatives Yoo Jae-hyung and Lee Myung-hee.


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