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Dr. Min Seob Lee from EDGC presents a genetic approach for Agent Orang…

Date : 18-12-06 15:47 Number of views : 634


EONE-DIAGNOMICS Genome Center(EDGC) co-hosted a symposium with the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange(VAVA) at Hanoi, Vietnam. In this symposium, Dr. Min Seob Lee(CEO, EDGC) presented on subject of 'New hope for Agent Orange victims from genome revolution'. He highlighted, "Through innovation of genetic analysis technology, we can analyse rare diseases or prediction of specific diseases or newborn diseases, and genetic diseases in which being interested" and "We could suggest a genetic approach for Agent Orange victims". Also, "Genetic-based precision medicine makes a new innovation in medicine, which means that personalized treatment is possible for each patient based on genetic information," he emphasized and introduced personalized medical steps with its characteristics.

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