CEO Welcome Message

EDGC creates healthy future for all,
realizing personalized precision medicine.

CEO Welcome Message

A Happy Future with A Healthy Life

EDGC will become the company creating healthy and happy life and better future for the people.


Asia’s 23andme, Genomic
Information-based Company EDGC

We have faced numerous changes at the forth revolution transforming our society.

After the beginning of genomics from Human Genome Project finished in 2003, it has been 15 years. Now, we are in the era of ‘Precision Medicine’ to prevent and treat diseases using personal genetic information for medical purposes.

Passing over reference genome map that has all the data of human species, we research and develop hidden secrets and information about each genes in big data. At the center of the era of personal genetic information, to understand more about genes means to depart from the existing medical system called ‘standard medical treatment’ and to be close to personalized prescription.

This shows that the paradigm of medical and health has been changing fast, that we prepare for more effectively treating disease such as cancer, and that we pursue exercise and diet as personal genetic information.

How is the era of 100-year life? If you know your enemy and yourself, you can win every battle. We need to know the information of our body first to answer the question. EDGC will bring the change of health paradigm and lead to realize the precision medicine so that everyone takes the era of healthy 100-year life using their genetic information.

EDGC’s Co-CEOs Mr. Shang-Cheol Shin, Ph.D Min-Seob Lee

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